Pilates Instructor

Masayo Pilates Instructor

Pilates is an exercise that connects the brain, body, and soul. 

The Pilates I aim for incorporates Eastern essence into Western Pilates, making it more than just a workout; it's a moving meditation that aligns both the body and the mind.

During my time working as a flight attendant in Japan, I practiced yoga to withstand the demands of a busy schedule. However, it was during my second pregnancy that I discovered Pilates, and I was amazed not only by how it alleviated physical discomfort but also by how it brought peace to my mind. After giving birth, I obtained my Mat Pilates certification, and I was surprised  at how different my body felt compared to my first pregnancy. This inspired me to want to share the wonders of Pilates with more people.

Even after moving to the Netherlands, I continued to train in breath control and body movement while also updating my own Pilates practice through the Reformer certification course.

Masayo's certifications:

In Pilates, you are never done learning and are always looking for even more knowledge, even more insight. You are always striving to improve. The training courses I have taken in Pilates are:

- FTP Mat Pilates Instructor, BODY CONTROL PILATES®

- Certified Maternity Pilates Instructor for Prenatal, BODY CONTROL PILATES®

- Certified Recovery Pilates Instructor for Postnatal, BODY CONTROL PILATES®